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Started by Mindless, July 19, 2012, 10:40:20 PM

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You do not support the TBdev 09 at all you can do is swear at users...also telling then to upgrade to U232 sorry this is not the way to go


:w00t: sounds like a good idea :) i will be supporting this also a former staff member on tbdev


Ok seeing the current situation in the BT scene has went a bit crazy with Btdev being the first one to close and then to make matters even worse TBdev closes, so where does that leave many people ??

Seriously fucked i would have to say...

With that in mind i have decided that i will give limited support on TBdev sources. I will not run to every single post but i will give you a place to get the help/code/advice you may need. Seeing that i was TBdev staff for a while as well as having a moderate experience level with the various variants, a forum and a current project running, i figure that puts me in a position to do this with confidence never mind the fact that U-232 is based on TBdev source code as well.

I am not trying to replace Tbdev nor replicate that forum as i have my own thing going here and its solid and has been for a good while now. If TBdev opens again i will remove this section straight away, I'm only giving you people a place to turn to, seeing you have been left isolated... in laymans terms you've all been taken up shit creek and you have no paddle.

Simple rules to follow here are just behave yourself and nobody will bother you. There is no ban culture on U-232; We have 0 banned members on the forum and 0 banned members on the test site, don't be the one to change that statistic.

You will find many familiar Coder's on this forum, you will also find a lot of code ready to drop into your source codes, if you cannot work it out then use the forum to ask, as time progresses we will add relevant mod sections and more if you the members make it happen and work with me, its a 2 way street I cant do it all myself.

Now i can assure any one that gets involved here can do that with confidence, that you wont suddenly one day find the url is dead and its all gone, this project has been safe guarded, first major difference is our project is on Github, if i step away it will be handed over to the correct fit person/s, this forum and source project relies on nobody

Peace out and remember its all fun, lets see where this ends up. That will be all from your concerned resident nutter == Bigjoos