memcache mod?

Started by Daniel, July 20, 2012, 02:44:53 PM

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cool its no rush but i would just like to see how the differ is on plain source also to give my site a lift before air it live  :-)


Hmm MrRep has a point, but to add memcache to Tbdev is easy enough, if you give me say a week or two i will make a mod instruction up for you all that dont want to change sources. Since i've decided to take on Tbdev support for those in limbo you know where its going to be posted.


im using my own to learn and for my intend as i am going to run a public tracker V3 is not needet thats why i use TBDEV 2009 .
and yes  a public tracker as the passkey is removed from my code with a little help.

as i also wrote in my first post i use plain tbdev :-)


best way is to install v3, memcache has been added to over a long time, so its not just a case of adding a few lines here and there and with installing v3, you will have a better code as well, as v1 is very old now.


how easy  would it be to mod memcache in to all files i see the §m1  in some of the files on the V1 source all though i just plain 09 from scratch but could be cool if some one could post the mod if it is a  mod :-) ?