Request system 09

Started by ErikZown, July 21, 2012, 07:52:43 AM

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Hyperion (noobKID)

awsome, will try later for sure! :)... thanks made :)..


Mindless posted it here   :D

It may have a little bugs but it works for me

Hyperion (noobKID)

im currently building up my own source, but in the same way as tbdev is builded... and right now for momment being i am trying to make request system to work, in a more extended version if you could call it for that :)...

but elsewhere, yeah... would be awsome to have the request mod back on here so i also had somfthing to look over with just in case i am failing myself :P...


Well, i was happy to see that bigjoos and putyn could open a new place after tbdev went down.
But i do missing some popular things from tbdev...

Now im looking for the Request system. You know where you could request a movie ect.
Someone got that??