Request 09, almost working...ideas?...

Started by Hyperion (noobKID), July 30, 2012, 01:49:07 AM

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Hyperion (noobKID)

ok, sorry... i was wiped out when i was typing in here i think... my bad... haha, but thanks anyways :P...

EDIT: sorry, was not looking over the topic, since i was thinking that it did not work since it was inside the u-232 section as far as i am seeing it... but readed it now. will test later...

-thanks for now..


the reputation addon was suggested to fix the undefined issues you were having. How to fix the anonymous issue in the forums was suggested in the multilayer topic

Quote from: rushedtry using this mod,30.msg5161.html#msg5161 or just remove the anonymous column from the query in the forums code

Hyperion (noobKID)

yo, a fast question before im going to add the reputation mod, (doing it later tonight...).

as far as i can see, then the reputation mod is not going to work, since there is no query named 'anonymous' added to the forum sql table...

and that is what i am needing, or am i wrong again?...


PS: im talking about this mod:,1269.0.html

hoping its the right one :)...

Hyperion (noobKID)

ok, trying to add it later.
-thanks :)...


Aye rushed yer on the money there, it will be the rep addon, do as rushed advised - the first choice - add the rep mod addon - commenting out is going to cause problems you wont like or know how to backtrack on =]


sounds like you might need the reputation system add on from pdq in tbdev09 mods section on here alternatively you could comment out the reputation sections in the user functions page but back up the page first as it is then one by one comment out the lines that are flagged as errors then refresh your comment page and see if it clears them.

Hyperion (noobKID)

hello rushed, sorry for late reply, as allways -.-'...

here are my classes:

Code (php) Select
define ('UC_USER', 0);
define ('UC_POWER_USER', 1);
define ('UC_VIP', 2);
define ('UC_UPLOADER', 3);
define ('UC_MODERATOR', 4);
define ('UC_ADMINISTRATOR', 5);
define ('UC_SYSOP', 6);

and i will be trying your method later tonight if it is working and post feedback on the result :)...
-thanks for now.

EDIT: thanks, its working now...

but now i have some other problems...
when i am trying to make a comment, then im getting following errors:


Ideas? Oo...

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Hyperion (noobKID)

hello, sorry for late reply.
im still on vecation on the canarian islands :)...

but ill be home tomorrow night.,..

so i will test your method with the changes tomorrow and see what happends... if all goes good, ill post feedback, else im posting feedback about my new problems unless it is somfthing i can handle myself...

and to make this messeage shorter, then i could just say thanks.
but what the heck ;)...


try renaming UC_STAFF to your lowest staff class in torrenttable functions on the line where it is undefined and see if that fixes it also post your user classes please (if it is the undefined issue you want help with)

Hyperion (noobKID)

yoyo (U) people,
a question is needed to be asked.

on here:

as you see, then my tracker is all messed up...
and that is happening when i am entering a request details page to view it, and then it only happends when i have added a comment, else nofthing happends...


PS: i have just added/replaced the (comments.php) file with the new one inside the .rar file i was downloading here:


PSS: might be somfthing up in the URL?... looks like somfthing like a number or so is missing in the last word after the (&) sign...

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