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Started by ErikZown, September 07, 2012, 06:32:30 PM

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A lot of forums act like that. I imagine because it would be a lot of hassle and inefficient to work around for something most users probably won't notice. One approach could be to store a serialised array of recent topics newer than the readpost expiry time in the forums table to query readposts against (using mysql 'where topicid in(id, id, id etc)' syntax) instead of just the single last topic.


Okey... So when you are at the forum, not in a thread or so, just when you enter the main forum.
There you see this picture to the left if its readed or unread.
Anyway, that seems only to work at the latest topic.
The picture is showing the readed icon, even if there is unreaded topics in there...
So it only focus on the latest topic..

Is there any way to change this??