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Started by ErikZown, August 08, 2012, 06:46:28 PM

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EDIT: Fixed it! Thanks :D
Just added <font face='Lucida Console'>. The text style i got in notepad :)


you HTML tags .. it just in your description part .. or you can cod you some cool looking browser page using what you want it to look like an so on
Never fall to those that just sit there.. Always look for the way to the top even if you have to code it your self and mistakes and all... quote from BonZO...


So, not maybe a problem but i really do wonder about this.
At my site we have done a good looking description template uploaders can use to write all the info about a movie.
So this template looks good in notepad, but when we upload and look at the description on the site, it doesnt look good at all.

Look at the image, in the red box is how it should look like (our template), and the green box how it looks at the website.

So the question... can you on someway change that? so its shows like it does in notepad..