How To Create Login Page theme !?

Started by Spidey, September 21, 2012, 05:02:22 AM

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thanks for help man  i can't found  $htmlout = $doctype."<head> in the Template is their is easy way do it all i need to add this code <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/login.css" type="text/css"> in the login page but I do not know where i add it :)


well if it gives u errors.....if u changed the parameters of the name etc of the login form.....its gonna mess up.......thats one possible reason of MANY !!

But mainly i think is because when u save page and try to login.....the pics and 'X' button keeps if u try to login keeping only will require u to keep submitting again .

Try this....

1. Goto template.php
find this $htmlout = $doctype."<head>
Where x is the number.....

2.Just Above that line , not within the paranthesis...paste this

if($url == '')
       $css = "<link rel='stylesheet' href='templates/new/new.css'                type='text/css' />";
          $css = "<link rel='stylesheet' href='templates/old/old.css'                type='text/css' />";

3. find this line
<link rel='stylesheet' href='templates/x/x.css' type='text/css' />

where x again is the number
replace that line Exactly with this...

i tried this on mine and it worked.....
............this is a quick solution......and there are many ways to do this :)


ok fine i will not going to edit the login page i will leave it as it thanks for help guys :)))


I tried to do  it but doesn't work with me :(  also i tried to do  some thing else  i saved the login page and change the style sheet but it give me errors here in the screens explaing what to i am saying
any other  ideas to solved :)


On you bittorrent.php page you will find this section
Code (php) Select
function loggedinorreturn()
    global $CURUSER, $INSTALLER09;
    if (!$CURUSER) {
        header("Location: {$INSTALLER09['baseurl']}/login.php?returnto=".urlencode($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]));

Ok if you grab one of those alterlogin pages I would grab mine hehe an you will find ...

IF you look over this,791.0.html you will see what was done to make it work It will help you alot ...

Good luck if you get stuck post your errors or what you have done

//Team MorTal
Never fall to those that just sit there.. Always look for the way to the top even if you have to code it your self and mistakes and all... quote from BonZO...


on the bottom of the login page u can see this :
echo stdhead("{$lang['login_login_btn']}", true, $stdhead) . $HTMLOUT . stdfoot();

that is where the stdhead calls the function from template.php

you can include this in your template
then check if its the login page and load a different css file else load the site theme css file....

this is one of the methods and what people said below also works :) choose :D

Hyperion (noobKID)

hello spidey!...

for CN and login pages ect like that...
i would (if you asked me) add a new .css file only for that page...

it is pretty much easy actually...
you can also check this out at the theme files on how to make it... just make a new file inside the theme folder now showed on the login page and name the file login.css ect...

then start coding with classes ect from there...
add the classes to your login page the diffrent places...

and BOOM!... you now have a new design if you have managed to insert them probally...


thanks  for help stoner but plz tell me where can i find the css tag in the login page plz write for me the code do it right now because iam not good at  Editing codes ! :)


If you are wanting your login page to have a different style to the rest of the page.
You either have to:
1: Edit the code in the login.php file and change the CSS tags, then put the new ones in the default CSS file and work from there.
2: Pull in another .css file just for that page.

Apart from that I really cant help.  My design and CSS skills are about as good as a monkey playing for England (oh wait that already happens)


ok i don't want to make it exactly like cn  all i need it is
changing the login page i want to  make it  Mysterious i already working on a design
like  that  but i can't edit the log in page so any other idea to make it happen! ?


First off CN an PTN are code by the same or was coded by the same person an second CN is a bit hard . I was working on it along time ago an just moved on as many of my members asked me not to. So you may want to ask your members what they think before you jump into this ..


//Team MorTal
Never fall to those that just sit there.. Always look for the way to the top even if you have to code it your self and mistakes and all... quote from BonZO...


Hi All :D
I want to know How to Create  login page theme Like CN or ptn or any tracker did this
i already created style sheet and some designs i want to know how i add it into the login page ?

pleas help if you can and thanks for reading my question :)