Memcache, Mysql and Mysqli Problems ON FIRST INSTALL

Started by swizzles, April 08, 2012, 12:43:47 AM

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Hi All

All those about to embark on installing V3 on a server and have issues with memcache please when you install it and get Memcache Extension not loaded and you have installed it, and have done all the usual root cmds to check (e.g. netstat -tupln) its running on default port 11211 etc etc and still get the error! then please check you have the memcache extension enabled in your php.ini!

When you have discovered this and have enabled the extension, and you then just get a white page, and have checked you have your sql database is installed then you need to also have your mysql and mysqli extensions enables as well!

(PS. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR "PHPINFO()" at all stages as does help as well as checking your error logs and restart your webserver, in this case apache)

Remember these are basic checks you need to do. I have posted this because of all the previous support questions.

Hopefully this is the last post regarding the issue.