recomend poster mod

Started by rabtb, October 03, 2012, 12:16:10 AM

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sorry my bad didnt realise thanks


Actually you posted this in support, this is not a support issue it's a mod request.
You did not post in 08 or 09.
Now we know it's for 08 it can be dealt with that way, we do not have an 08 mod request can remain here.


can you move back please this is for tbdev08 thats why i posted in that section


hey me again after another mod
the recomended poster mod if anyone has it i tryed to take it from bigjoos v4 installer but think i missed some code or messed it up more than likely
im also not wanting to use posters just name will do and instead of seeds leechers have sd hd links to dl so any tips help on how to go about i would be gratefull
i tryed with top 10 mod i had lying about but that was a lot off editing and errors lol thought this mod might be easier to make work how i want

* rabtb is a noob but trys