Porting torrentstrike user DB to u232

Started by shorto, November 22, 2012, 11:26:31 AM

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Easiest way is just compare the two and only select the parts that are the same in both for export from the ts database for example id, username, uploaded, downloaded, email....users may need recover pass but all stats should move over well


Hello all!

Well to start off, let me just say how surprised I am at u-232 the whole thing works like a charm, and I was really skeptical at first since the 1st tbdev mod I used (torrentstrike) was a complete failure as a script.

Anyways as stated in the title is there any easy way to move all the suers from the torrentstrike mysql database to the u-232 and have it actually work? Kinda hard for me to say to 3k users to re-register again afther some of the have worked really hard for their ratios.