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Started by actionman, December 17, 2012, 11:47:16 PM

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Hi Mindless
I have figured it out, seems the onpaste is a cancel if its pasted lol

i found an alternative on command (oninput) which allows everything from onkeydown etc to pasting of info to work

just oninput is a newish command it only works on i.e. 9 - but thanks for your time



Hi all

i have the suggest mod installed which highlights torrents i have already uploaded etc when a user searched in my browse

but it doesnt show anything if i copy paste the torrent info into the input box.

this i know uses a js file suggest.js
suggest.php (which basically does the sql work for the js file) and 3 additional queries to the <input> box like ondblclick etc

i have tried adding onpaste= but doesnt do anything

just wondering anyone here might be able to help

im happy to add code if its required

like i said it works if i type letter by letter  but not on a copypaste it doesnt do anything - can anyone shed anylight on this

Cheers in advance