How much I must pay for this work?

Started by Payaa, January 20, 2013, 09:02:43 AM

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Yepp m8 the fckin time....I dont have enough time too  :(
Thats the reason why I need a reliable U or putyn and so on. But U dont have time too like me :(


That could be a problem for you, see there's not that many that can do that to that level, if i was you i would be getting the old db, then i would decide what im going to sacrifice and what im keeping then convert the custom mods over, my personal minimum would be users and torrents, i wouldn't need all the old fields, just the key ones, the import script putyn posted on here does it in 5 minutes, then convert any datetimes to int and install TBdev 09 and mod it yourself using the work already done, basecode is Xhtml compliant, i done majority of the mods to a decent level along with others. I could do what you want but don't have time to do the work, its a fair job you ask.


Hi all!

I have a running live site with tbdev05 about 3 years.

I'm the owner and coder too but I haven't got much time what I want to code all day the site.
So I'm going to hire a good coder to help me coding.

The biggest work is set html valid and php error free the source.
If U can do that tell me how much I must pay for this work :)