Setup for u-232 v3 on Windows 7 with Xampp 1.7.7

Started by xe84, October 01, 2012, 06:15:51 PM

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Hey all. I hope this guide can help you all out. To get this sourch to work you need this things installed first. After that you can follow this guide.

1: Xampp 1.7.7
2: Memcached
3: APC / The source will work when you start out without this but its HIGHLY recommended to install this also.

There is a perfect guide on how to instal all of does things here:,611.0.html

All iam gonna do is show you how to setup the sourch on youre xampp server that is already installed and also has Memcached installed :)

This is the layout iam using in this guide.
Windows 7 x32bit / It can also run on x64bit.
Xampp 1.7.7 / I know the PHP version is old in this but its stabel for u-232
u-232 v3

1: Download the rar folder from:

2: Unrar everything to this folder: C:\xampp\htdocs

3: Open your web browser and type in: http://www.youresite/install - Follow the instructions and fill in all the required data.

4: Now if all goes well you're gonna come to this page:

5: Remove everything in the address field and type in: http://www.youresite. In my case it's localhost. You're gonna be prompted to: Delete the install directory but I recomend that you just move it to youre desktop. Just in case something went wrong with the install.

6: Reload the page and now you should see the login page. Click on: Join us button. Fill in all the required info. Now the first acount in youre tracker is created [ AKA = SysOp ] acount.

7: Log in with youre new acount. Se what titel you have near youre name. If its SysOp everything is done correct. ( DO NOT ENTER STAFFPANEL YET ! )

8: In youre root/cache folder find this file: staff_settings2.php. Open it with a text editor and change this name: Admin to the name of the account you just created. Save the changes.

If you have done everything correct you can now acces the staffpanel without a problem.

9: Well in the staffpanel. Create a new user named: System ensure its: userid2 so you dont need to alter the autoshout function in: include/user_functions.php

Here is some questions that might appear with the install:

Question about the chmd config:
Do I need to config the files/folders to be 775 during and after the install ?

There is no chmod config when you install this sourch on Xampp. Xampp does that automatic for you.

Question about the database:
I have done everything correct and it said that the database was successfully imported. But when I look into the database nothing is there.

Just import the SQL file manually into the database. You can find it in the install folder you just moved to your desktop. Its called: install.sql

Question on the old PHP version:
I have followed the guide you gave me and installed: Xampp 1.7.7 but that version comes with: PHP 5.3.8 and thats an old PHP version.

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