Installation Script with XAMPP on Windows

Started by Fusi0nCr0w, October 28, 2013, 06:20:29 PM

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Actually this is not a modification, there is already an example remarked in that file for thos using home servers, just need edit for the correct path
require_once ($root.'include/config.php');
    $q = sprintf('/usr/bin/mysql -h %s -u %s -p%s %s < %sinstall/extra/install.sql', $INSTALLER09['mysql_host'], $INSTALLER09['mysql_user'], $INSTALLER09['mysql_pass'], $INSTALLER09['mysql_db'], $root); //== Linux
    //$q = sprintf('c:\AppServ\MySQL\bin\mysql -h %s -u %s -p%s %s < %sinstall/extra/install.sql',$INSTALLER09['mysql_host'],$INSTALLER09['mysql_user'],$INSTALLER09['mysql_pass'],$INSTALLER09['mysql_db'],$root); //== Win - remember to set your path up correctly - atm its set for appserv
    exec($q, $o);


Windows users with XAMPP

If you want the database to be imported correctly has the following line in the file "database.php" to be added:

Under line 24, the following code is added:

$q = sprintf('c:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql -h %s -u %s -p%s %s < %sinstall/extra/install.sql',$INSTALLER09['mysql_host'],$INSTALLER09['mysql_user'],$INSTALLER09['mysql_pass'],$INSTALLER09['mysql_db'],$root);

Now you can run the installer without problems!