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Started by denede, March 12, 2013, 02:19:33 PM

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true, could very well be done much like censor mod....


Check the body of posts before they are inserted. Then you can check against $CURUSER and filter out any custom smilies if need be.


Well thats how it goes, to make the syntax change everytime a smilie is deployed would be difficult, would need to be a md5 hash that changes per refresh, nah to far out denede, i can't picture anything that would be worthwhile presently, maybe others will.


Just found some smilies that i've made them custom. They are great, the system works good, but somehow. if a user gets custom smilies for 1 month from the bonus points mod, he will see the exact syntax for the smilies.
After the custom smilies expire, he can use that syntax to use them again.
My question is. How to bypass this and when a user, if he doesn't have custom smillies activated but knows the exact syntax for the smilies to receive an error message when he tries to post them, comment, forum, profile, signature, etc.