how can i add a seperated stylesheet for the shoutbox (with template system)?...

Started by Hyperion (noobKID), March 27, 2013, 08:41:44 PM

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Hyperion (noobKID)

hello U-232 again.

well, i have installed the template system to my own torrent tracker, the only problem is my shoutbox. its working and all for now at least, the only problem is that i have been trying to re-design the shoutbox and with it some coble of few functions has been removed and some other stuff.

anyways, now i would like to get the shoutbox.css file into the chosen stylesheet folder, the only problem is that it will not do as i tell it to do.
i have even tried adding it manually in to the template.php file.

even when it is supposed to be written inside the shoutbox.php file.

i wrote this code inside the shoutbox.php file:

Code (php) Select
<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='templates/".$CURUSER['stylesheet']."/shoutbox.css'>

and it still wont take the damn file... ideas?.

and ohh, one thing more, when i submit the shoutbox to send a messeage, it is supposed to empty the text field, but it does not. ideas to that part what i could be looking into at maybe to fix?...

i have also tampered a little bit with the javascript, so it will only be able to update the shoutbox and to empty the shoutbox for shouts.

all other stuff like smileys and like that, has been removed so i can add it myself later on (taken backup of everything).

hoping someone can help me out a little, thanks!.

PS: if you dont understand my situation, just tell me to write a better detailed version, and ill do! X)...

thanks again! :).