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Started by Hyperion (noobKID), April 04, 2013, 09:09:35 AM

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Hyperion (noobKID)

ahh, lol hehe... should have seemed that one comming, thanks alot! :)...


Code (php) Select
WHERE u_id=" . $row["id"]);

Needs to be - If your pulling $id from cookie

Code (php) Select
WHERE u_id=" . sqlesc($id));

The way you have it is as if its pulling $id from a select query $row['id']

Hyperion (noobKID)

ok, i should not be getting this error, so i have no clue about why. Anyhow, here it goes..

im getting this messeage on my tracker:

Notice: Undefined index: id in C:\xampp\htdocs\mt_1\include\bittorrent.php on line 482

(Picture attached also)...

and the line its talking about in my code is this line:

Code (mysql) Select

mysql_query("UPDATE users SET last_access='" . TIME_NOW . "', ip=".sqlesc($ip)." WHERE u_id=" . $row["id"]);

and the variable im giving (the id) is this one:

Code (php) Select
$id = 0 + get_mysession('uid');

and it should work since the created session/global variable is named exacly that given in the id variable (uid)...

any ideas on how to fix maybe? :/...

thanks at ANY SUGGESTION! :)...

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