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Started by Hyperion (noobKID), April 06, 2013, 12:00:04 PM

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Hyperion (noobKID)

hello, im trying to re-build kinda my shoutbox..
but having a little bit trouble, it is working and all, but i was testing it in all kind of ways i knew there could be an error with, so i tried to keep posting LONG and SHORT words in any variables...

and i finded 1 error for now, besides my bbcode functions, but that im working on myself for now :).

anyhow, when im posting LONG words into the shoutbox, it just keeps going out off the width, like there was no end to it. And i suspect the users will not like a width without an end instead of just a new line to breake :P..


picture shown below here:


Shoutbox php:

Code (php) Select


<span class='shoutbox_text_color'>
$pm $del&nbsp;(".$who_shouted_this_one.")&nbsp;

<span class='shoutbox_text_body'>
<span style='color:".$shout_text_color.";'>". format_comment( $arr["text"] ) . "</span>


shout css:

.shoutbox_text_body {


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