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Started by rickandmary, July 20, 2012, 05:37:37 PM

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How can the checkbox for the category also be hidden in browse.php?


This allows members to choose weither or not to view xxx torrents. This wasnt written by me i just adapted it from whats in v2 modifications to work with 08 source so credit to the author.

ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `view_xxx` ENUM( 'yes', 'no' ) DEFAULT 'no' NOT NULL

In my.php wherever you want it to show add

tr("View XXX Torrents", "<input type='checkbox' name='view_xxx'" .  ($CURUSER["view_xxx"] == "yes" ? " checked='checked'" : "") . "/>By Default XXX categorys will not be<br/> visible on the <a href='browse.php'>browse</a> Tick to view XXX torrents",1);

In takeprofedit.php add

$view_xxx =  (isset($_POST["view_xxx"])!= "" ? "yes" : "no");
$updateset[] = "view_xxx = " . sqlesc($view_xxx);

finally in browse.php below
$wherea[] = "visible = 'yes'";

if ($CURUSER["view_xxx"] != "yes")
  $wherea[] = "category != '10'";

change category number to your xxx category