moving torrents over to V2 problems.

Started by BACDAFUCUP, May 31, 2013, 09:59:20 PM

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Hi there i used the source torrent strike, and i would like to move to this pretty nice V2. :) Good joob!
But when i move my torrents over my info hash i pretty f.... up. :) it should look something like this
info hash: 5d2b774234815898d85896c619d3c53e91941d07
but instead it looks like this
info hash: ê_¯€ÉßÀ/úë(\Z`ÿ~á‰

i have tried to download the torrents again from the new site, but they are not showing up ?
Does anyone know how to fix this problem ? because i have alot of torrents i would like to move over to the new site. :)
then i do not have to start all over :) could be great.