Freeleech wont work

Started by R34p3R, June 05, 2013, 02:11:25 PM

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maybe I have overlooked something.
it will be nice if just showed what the problem was.
but I'm working redirected, maybe I find the problem by myself.


Maybe it's a mistake in programming ... just thinking


Yea. i have refresh memcached.
I have testing som other funktion, if i set Freeleech on in uploading a torrents, then its okay.
but if i don't and just use the multi freeleech function on all torrents, it wont working at all.


Hi there.

I have try to make this Freeleech funktion working on V2.
Everything i can see is correct setup in the system, and it's say Freeleech unlimited in browse section.

In the staffpanel.php?tool=freeleech

Free All Torrents   Expires   Set By   Title   Message   Remove
All Torrents Free   Unlimited   STAFF Free All Torrents    Free All Torrents   Remove
this is on.

But then a user downloads a torrent it count on the download in the userprofile.
and change his/her ratio down.
this is a problems then the torrent says its free

Some on who know how to fix this little problems.