Need help with hyperlinking edit comment

Started by las7h0p3, May 31, 2013, 03:50:19 AM

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I currently have this:

$id = 0 + $_GET["id"];
if (!isset($id) || !$id)

and I tried editing it as you said and it gave me an error


echo $id

under get id on details, if that's blank the query has a failure and id is not set, the $id will be whatever is used on that file, that i don't know, if its blank then its not set


I tried also with $id and it still does not work. That's why I made the thread because it's kinda strange.


If the details.php?id= is blank then your using the wrong variable to call id, $torrentid is not standard Tbdev, $id is.


Hey guys,

I have a question on why I can't hyperlink the Edit comment to "Torrent name" in comment.php. I had no problems hyperlinking the Add comment to "Torrent name" with:

print("<h1>Add comment to <a href=details.php?id=$torrentid>" . htmlspecialchars($arr["name"]) . "</a></h1>\n");

but for the edit when I hover over the name it shows in the browser:

I'm currently using tbdev 2005

If anyone could give any idea on what to do I would appreciate it.