Started by DarkWarrior, August 10, 2012, 12:04:00 AM

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TBDEV is ok for updates i made a site for a pal and did all updates to PHP7 MYSQLI and he loves it no memcach on it and hes loving it


U-232 base reached end of life years ago. Honestly, if you aren't finding your answers in forums already, I wouldn't expect much help. Most do not run anything older than v3. And v3 users are a strong minority. Are you just used to old TBDEV? Wondering why you would not want v5 with all the updates.


yep that as been done too still no showing


Well then, you might have to live with the inadequacies of OUTDATED software. U232-V5 is far superior to any of the previous versions.

And this could also be related to your other issue with category icons not showing.
Extract the pic.tar.gz file on your site server.


do not want v5 just the U232


maybe cause this is a very old version of U-232, maybe try using U-232 v5 the most up to date code we have available?   
Want help? post in the forums and help will be give, but please remember to search the forums to make sure it hasn't already been covered! Please post all things in correct areas of our forums, thankyou.


i see still no fix as been done on this


ok here we go lol usermood.php when setting a usermood on onclick of smily mood its not working adding the mood any help would be nice in the forums usermood as  you can see its 1

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