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Started by denede, October 22, 2013, 11:10:17 PM

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Doesn't the request page automatically msg anyone who commented on it when the file gets uploaded already? I believe it already does that.

The only real thing you would need is a flag on the torrents table to direct the user to the request page from what you mentioned.
A perfect example of how to do this would be if you checked imdb mod.


I am trying to make that when users upload torrents would have a posibility of selecting torrents from the request section and the users that vote for that torrent will get notified about this.(This part of the mod is already in V3). The problem is that i've ripped it from github, but on a 09 version nothing appears on upload page after inserting the code:(... someone can help with that?

The edit/takeedit part isn't on V3 and that would be usefull also the part where if the torrent uploaded is a request torrent in torrenttable next to its name would appear some icon and when clicked on it to be redirected to the torrent request page.

Long time ago i was helped with this modification, but I can't remember the code and can't find it in my older files.

Cheers! and hope that someone will give this a try. Meanwhile i will keep looking in my older files.