u232 basical forums text display problems

Started by 0day, October 26, 2013, 01:48:32 AM

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hmm.. it seems you aren't on skype, so i'm gonna answer here.

in forums.php around line 1445 (this is mine cuz i've changed some code)

you will get something like
$HTMLOUT .="</td><td class='text' width='100%'>{$body}</td></tr><tr><td>";

you need to change that to

$HTMLOUT .="</td><td class='text' width='100%' style='vertical-align:text-top;'>{$body}</td></tr><tr><td>";

so the only difference is


Does anybody know why the text displayed on the center?I use orginal forums.php not modifty.please help me,Thanks!

I want to display like this,how to do?