punbb forum integration in old TBDev source [solved]

Started by ndbj, January 18, 2013, 04:18:39 AM

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As you can see, i managed to integrate punbb forum in old tbdev tracker

to have access to more pages of forum or to the rest of site, you'll have to login.

you can signup only to take a look around and check how integration in tracker looks like.
don't have to confirm registration, you can login right after signup, but language is in portuguese.
("Registar" means signup and "Entrar" means login)

if you wanna integrate something like this, i try to help.



maybe tomorrow i'll post all modifications to achieve punbb forum integration in tbdev tracker.

here how it shows (test)


It's done.
I made the punbb forum integration in my old xtbdev source.
Had to change some codelines from what i found in that russian site i posted below, but it's now all working fine.
I choose an old version of punbb forum, 1.2.23, but i'm going to try integration also with newer versions, till 1.4.2.

If anyone's interested in this mod (or kind of), just give me a call at this topic.


I saw at a russian site something to Integrating PunBB and Sky Tracker or (TBDev), don't really know if sky tracker works the same basis like old tbdev source, but...

the trick was to install punbb forum in trackersource/forum/install.php
create the db in mysql
create an include/punbb.php with something like
<? define('PUN_ROOT', './forum/'); require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php'; function punlogout() { sql_query('DELETE FROM punbb_online WHERE username=pun_user["username"]'); pun_setcookie(1, random_pass(8), time() + 31536000); } ?>

than, some codelines into mysource

finally, think i had to run bt2punbb.php  to migrate users from the tracker to the forum and think also all users have to change their passwords.

Althought, i think that the thread i saw from this isn't complete.
I can give it a try this weekend but i was hoping that someone here have done this in the past.

I think a work like this have been posted somewhere in the old tbdev forums from CF, not sure, but probably to a tbdev source not so older as the one i'm running.


you best bet is have a look threw the files and see how the passwords are hashed and submited ect...as far as I know there isn't a mod done for it so u could be the 1st ;)



Is there anyone here with a complete and correct way to integrate punbb or smf forums in an old source tracker?
I started years ago with XTBDEV beta 0.10 from laffin and i'm not interested in change my now fully moded old source to a 2008 or 09 one.
The internal bleach forum from alex2005 it's starting to become pre-historic...

Thanks in advance