HTTP Error 500

Started by AronT, November 18, 2013, 02:10:41 AM

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Another thing.... now I wanted to upload some torrents with rTorrent, but when i try to seed it I get "Tracker: [Failure reason "Unknown passkey (5abf56756495c17634c3dca1c680debf) and host ( combo."]"
But it works perfectly with utorrent..

EDIT: and yes I tried to reset the key and all that


that is an internal server error mate, have you checked your apache error logs to see what could be causing this?


I'm having a little bit of a problem.. well, when I upload torrent as the user class "User" and "Uploader" I get all things working, BUT, when I upload as a staff class I get HTTP Error 500 in my client.

I've deleted .htaccess file(saw something on the net that the file could be a problem, but It isn't)

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