CodeX Installer v4

Started by cm27, December 29, 2013, 08:17:25 PM

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nice XD


I ran my last site with this code and it was awesome. Well endowed so to speak and was a lot easier to get to grips with than v3!!!! Thats progress for you. You needed a decent server back then to run it because of all the mods and not being memcached. It wasnt anywhere as efficient as Mindless' s latest baby, and when v4 comes out running a different backend it'll be like comparing the old star trek with the new!


installed and.... love it :)

lots of mods, bit tricky instalation but went everything ok.
some mods will try to port them to my u232-v3 and then if they work as they should share them :D

just noticed that the countdown thing on staffpanel is not working but i didnt went to logs..will go there asap.

keep up the good work, and thank you for giving us a "old" but powerfull and heavy modded system


Bit of a newbie, so pardon my ignorance! Will try and install this, just to see. Or should I try the U232 one? Can someone give me a brief install instruction. I think, I can work it out, but any help will be appreciated!



Nice and thanks for the hard work.  I will try it out just cause you have me curious lol.


This was known as TBDev Modded Source by BigJoos - now it has a new name: CodeX Installer v4

BigJoos: A little history on this one - it started about 6 months ago initially as a default code with installer feature then i realized it could become modded the most popular mods used with the highest help requests posted. That produced this release where its fully loaded with mods and input from myself where i just made code of the cuff or modified exsisting code to serve other functions. I'll fully support this release and i hope to get input from you as well to further refine it so we end up with a damm fine source. - You'll notice the structure is like the latest Tbdev release. Good Luck !!

Be aware that this code is fully loaded and not super quick so dont expect that and it requires a fair bit of skill to run as well.

All i can say is a big thank you to every Tbdev member's mod's/snippets i've used.
This source is complete in terms of mods and now it will be fully debbuged and stablized for final release - Stay tuned !!

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