Timezone with DST

Started by release, January 28, 2014, 08:24:29 AM

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Tbdev closed years ago, all those mods are gone also, the only substantial archive if 06/08 mods is sitting in the Codex Installer in the downloads section - if you can't rip those mods yourself then I suggest you bring your source code up to date to a currently supported version. There's is no justification for anyone to still be using old error ridden code that no one supports or even thinks about anymore - 06 and 08 are both pish and insecure, I could have a field day with your sites and pawn them silly.



TBDEV 01-03-06-I'm using.
I can not find anywhere to active timezone settings DST corrections whatever you can.

I'm writing to you because I hope that if there is someone here and share.

Thanks for your help!