Website / forum with mods for TTSE 1.3.9 final by xam?

Started by Naotem, February 27, 2014, 04:02:25 PM

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Not in particular, but may look at   
Laffin BCFH


U-232 V3 has all you mention and much more, it is optimized very well and will handle more then you can ever throw at it, an export of data is really a formality once you know what your keeping, V4 has XBT integrated on a switch so you can run a default announce.php or a XBT backend, its very secure and written by coders that care. I'm not forcing anyone but I will say this, you won't match what you get from V3 from any current released source code, not a hard decision to make based on that.


YOOOO stoner!!
It really is not impossible.
I changed the (BTT) for TS without losing almost nothing but, all users had to re-register their passwords, the comments in torrents were left with strange characters and some users lost their data uploaders. The forum lost everything.
My data table has changes some mod I was installing over time and like all these mod and it would be very difficult to keep these with another script mod, mod bonus for sedeer, posts, thank you, create topic comments etc. ..., torrent gold, silver torrent, lotto, poster carousel at index, recommended torrents, the torrent trailer, thanks before downloading, youtube, facebbok chat, hit and run, magnet link, and follow ...
Many thanks for offering help, but it would be really complicated.
Sorry for the bad English, I used google translator


Not a problem.  I was only wondering, I was not knocking you at all.

Sure it would be a bit of work, although far from impossible, to move over the most important bits to any new source code.  Things like users with certain stats, like upload/download ect..   Torrents and possibly some forum stuff, although I think that would likely be the hardest bit, but I have  never personally looked into that.

It would certainly be harder if your not very experienced with php/mysql etc..

Theme wise, U-232 comes with a default theme, that will not be to everyones tastes, but gives a good starting place for people to work there own design choices.  Or if your like me and have a hard time with design, there is quite a few other themes posted on this forum, by other people, which you can then edit yourself. Again to your liking.

If you really did want to make the jump, to a much more secure source code, then I'm sure there will be people who might help.  For the database moving.  You could drop me a small sample of some tables.  Users, torrents etc..  Any of the thing your wanting to keep and I might, time permitting, be able to run up some scripts or at least a guide to help.

As most will tell you here, I'm a pretty straight up kinda guy, so there is no need to worry about your data, but thats also why I said just a small sample.  Ie.  2 - 5 rows out of each table which you would like to transfer. 

Depending on the amount of time I would spend on it. (If I even get the time)  I might suggest you make a small donation to the source codes pot, but it wouldn't be mandatory .


Hi stoner.
My English is not good, but if you want to know why I did not use the u-232?
Look I do not know how is u-232. I looked at the website of screnn using this tracker and disliked.
I have no account on any website using this tracker script to better see what he has, there's the question of how to change the script without losing all data on my website? It would be a very complicated and difficult for me that I am a layman job (I'm a noob)


Is there a reason, why you would use that script over the u-232 source?

Just seems a bit silly to me.  Use outdated code which is likely pretty insecure, then try and take mods from another source and make work.

Would it not be easier and likely safer, to take the u-232 source code and then try to make stuff work from your other source code on the u-232 one.??


I'll look at the mod u-232 and see what interests me and see if I can adapt to my script.
Thank you friend.


Only chance you have is with early Tbsource or Tbdev mods as that's what is based on, you could use u-232 mods but you would need to alter them slightly, all old Tbdev mods prior to 09 release need a lot of work done to them, all 09 mods don't, depends on your coding level to be fair friend. That is the problem you face when you use really old unsupported code, you need to be fairy experienced to be able to back track current code to say as early as Tbsource or bytemonsoon.


Any Website / forum with mods for TTSE 1.3.9 final by xam?
Sorry my bad english :/