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Started by AMB, May 21, 2011, 06:10:32 AM

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Even DNS is faster now a days . We changed servers last year , took about an hour and a half for the code and DB and another 3 for the DNS. I was actually pleasantly surprised how smooth it went,  I've had moves that took longer and then we had problems with the DB losing info . We found unchecking "Use hexadecimal for BLOB" cured that.
The only time you might have problems is if your moving to a new source, if you just moving the whole site you shouldnt have any problems


How long depends really how much experience you have, it is no very tricky but can be and you wont lose nothing other than a day or two waiting on DNS. You seen i just done it on mine i removed AppServ and install individual apache ect and never disrupted much


Hey guys,

Was just wondering if it's possible to move to a new server even though i already have a live site and such?

*How long would it take?
*Is it hard?
*Is it even possible?
*Will i still have all my members and everything, yes i know the db... But will it take since there would be a new IP Address?

Thanks in advanced