Started by Black, November 27, 2013, 09:51:01 AM

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it dose.. But most other site or your site are all private. IF you go under torrent properties you will see all the announces even if yo add them . Not sure if they all show up in the main page.
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I have a question about announce.

In config.php i have this:

# the first one will be displayed on the pages
$INSTALLER09['announce_urls'] = array();
$INSTALLER09['announce_urls'][] = '';
$INSTALLER09['announce_urls'][] = '';
$INSTALLER09['announce_urls'][] = '';

when users uploaded new torrents and then add this in uTorrent, Azereus, etc is shown only "first" announce ( How to make will be displayed all announces which i have in config.php

Tnx a lot for yours suggestions, opinions,...