Internal Server Error - 500

Started by Sawyer, May 20, 2014, 01:02:38 PM

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It's CentOS.

Now I don't know why the charset is messed up. I get "fiÅŸiere" in place of "fişiere".
I have header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8'); and in the sql utf8_bin.


i have only ever seen this issue when hosting has been used, i have run this on Centos, ubuntu and gentoo without erroron dedicated and vps servers


What's your OS ? I need to understand why that fails on certain configurations of hardware.


I talked with the support and gave me the error: malformed header from script 'index.php': Bad header: Content-Language content="en-u
I deleted header('Content-Language content="en-us"'); from template.php and now it's ok.
Thx Mindless.


Apache error log, that logs any failure, could be mod rewrite, could be the header code in template, and the list goes on, so get the error logs enabled and bring the failure reasons or it's anyone's guess what's wrong.


I've uploaded the source on a host
On localhost it's everything ok but there i get "Internal Server Error - 500"
Login data for sql it's ok.
What am i missing? Someting to chmod?