[Request] TBDev 09 TOP 15 Torrents or Recommend Torrents

Started by Spidey, December 15, 2012, 09:11:48 PM

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change all $htmlout to $HTMLOUT case does matter, looks like $HTMLOUT is defined in old version..
If wanting support help please put bare min info like
U-232 Version:
Php Version:
Tracker type: like xbt or php
Saves on asking more questions just so people can help someone.


hello m getting this error. any hlp would be great :)

QuoteNotice: Undefined variable: htmlout  in browse.php on line 34


place in browse.php like payaa mentioned - either above the category selection or just above the  torrent listings




thanks a lot man its work with me but i wan it  only appear in Browse page can you Pleas Tell ME How To Do That ?


this is what i have but i have top 10

feel free to edit style accordingly but this is all IPT use

Code (php) Select

     $HTMLOUT .="<div style='text-align:left;width:90%;border:1px solid #transparent;padding:5px;color:white;'>
   <table width='800' class='mainouter' border='0' cellpadding='10' cellspacing='0' align='center'>
   <tr><td style='border:none;' align='center'>";
   $res = mysql_query("SELECT id, seeders, poster, leechers, name from torrents ORDER BY seeders DESC LIMIT 10 ") or sqlerr(__FILE__, __LINE__);
   if (mysql_num_rows($res) > 0) {
   $HTMLOUT .="<table align='center' class='mainouter' border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='5'>\n";
   $HTMLOUT .="<tr><td class='colhead'><b>[top 10 torrents]</b></td><td class='colhead'>Seeders</td><td class='colhead'>Leechers</td></tr>\n";
   while ($arr = mysql_fetch_assoc($res)) {
   $torrname = htmlspecialchars($arr['name']);
   if (strlen($torrname) > 35)
   $torrname = substr($torrname, 0,35) . "...";
   $HTMLOUT .="<tr><td class='tablea'><a href=\"{$TBDEV['baseurl']}/details.php?id=".$arr['id']."&amp;hit=1\" >".$torrname."</a></td><td >".$arr['seeders']."</td><td >".number_format($arr['leechers'])."</td></tr>\n";
   $HTMLOUT .="</table>\n";
   } else
   $HTMLOUT .="no torrents here :(";

    $HTMLOUT .="</td></tr></table></div><br />";


i need TBDev 09 TOP 15 Torrents or Recommend Torrents Mod Like Torrent Day and iptorrents i want to make it like them and thanks :)