NZB Mod vTB-1.0b

Started by cm27, July 27, 2014, 06:43:56 PM

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   NZB Mod vTB-1.0b
The someone nzb mod added for newsgroups already in T Special Edition v.4.3. I zoek there to but do not succeed myself.

Is er al iemand die de nzb mod voor nieuwsgroepen heeft toegevoegd in T Special Edition v.4.3
Want mij is het niet geluk en ben er na op zoek.

Gr Mika
Sorry voor me engels die is niks


Well, this is pretty much what it says on the tin. This mod will add an NZB Section onto your site. Some of the features are:

• Members can upload NZB's (& zipped NZB's if you allow) to your site
• Members can download NZB's and zipped NZB's
• Members can download partial NZB's (selecting which parts they wish to download)
• Full control of permissions (who can download/how many/view what/etc)
• Daily download limit for members
• Members can set their own retention
• Full parsing of NZB file for all necessary info
• simplexml or DOM xml NZB parser for php5, and untested domxml NZB parser for php4 (see notes below)
• Support for parsing/displaying multiple groups
• Auto-cleaning of NZB's - flattens to utf-8, cleans comments
• Two upload pages, one standard and one to gain IMDb info
• Slick looking NZB Browse page - sort by columns, shows genre, age, format, IMDb rating, etc + download links
• Search by title, description, both of those, and clickable search by group
• NZB Details Page - shows all NZB info, plus filelist, par info, missing segments, link to nfo, etc
• NZB Comments - just like the torrent comments, lol :)
• New 24 hour cleanup function
• Plus much, much more

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