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Started by SilrntKiller, April 13, 2014, 02:45:06 PM

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No the cleanup files - or update from main post seeing I edited those the other day.


In the files i added ?? or you mean through staff panel


Quote from: SilrntKiller on April 13, 2014, 02:45:06 PM
any replace it with your site link.

Or go to the mod itself and update all the cleanup scripts, seen you post this and forgot that wasnt using a define -=

replace all

Code (php) Select


Code (php) Select


Hi everyone,
I really like this source so i start working on it, really like the achievements mod but the blank icons isn't good as every achievement you do you will got the same icon so i start working with it and google alot of it :D so i don't own any copyrights for it just collect some from my HD and some from google and i really want to share them back with all of you so here we are.

in the attachments you will find image for the icons :D hope you like it and the achievements.zip ... you need to extract it and re-upload to your FTP "yoursite/pic/achievements" and allow "over write files" and you done . last step when the user got PM about any achievement the link for the icon in PM is from this site "the source site" you will need to edit this files
Code (php) Select

you will need to Find
any replace it with your site link.

so that's all ... hope it clear ... Enjoy and feel free to share it or edit it as you want.

Best Regards,

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