Pretimes Not Working

Started by AMB, June 01, 2011, 04:42:00 AM

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i have a tracers script i got made some time ago. will i be able to use it on the network im on?



I have a new addpre irc network thats live now if anyone wishing to join it for !addpre axx, also we trace torrent sites so if you wish for your site to be traced you can also, info is below
non ssl port 9000
ssl port 9001



and many more

feel free to join and if you need help setting up pre bot or addpre mysql db just pm an op.




This sounds pretty awesome guys  :)


Yes for free...  idea is to give torrent sites a stable feed of !addpre for there sites and if they wish to join tracers then they can freely....



I'm working on an irc network for torrent site owners for a stable supply of the following !addpre !addtrace !addinfo !addgenre !addurl !addvideoinfo,  you will be able to join the torrent tracers too.  You will be able to echo this info into your own mysql db or just echo info into your own irc network. We can also supply an eggdrop prebot and tracerbot for your own mysql db and pre channels.

Currently at final stages of this and will have it OPEN in next few days.  All torrent site owners/staff more than welcome to join and will post information about network in next few days.

So you will be able to have your own pretimes.


Quote from: Loffen on June 11, 2011, 05:28:26 PM
thats sad :(

but why have another source that? and not this?
its not sad its just the way things work

not really sure i understand the question


thats sad :(

but why have another source that? and not this?


You need a pre db access to get pretimes - The code is all in place and when you have that access it will work simple as that - The code in takeupload.php is commented out because you need to give your ip to them so they can allow you access for pretimes. You must think that it will work without a db to draw times from or you wouldnt have posted this, how nobody has told ye this i dont know.

Islander or
mistero is who you want to speak to there will be many more that have pre dbs as well


 The title says it all.. It's not giving a error.. It just always says "No pretime was found" When i know for sure that some uploads are uploaded seconds after it was pred...

Any help is appreciated :)