Snach Problems

Started by codreanuionut, May 06, 2016, 04:47:35 PM

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ghost torrents for sure.
use the flush tool to flush the users torrents.


Ghost peers tend to be caused by them stop/starting the torrent alot.  Or if they reboot their box, but the cleanup will normally fix it up.
Are you sure that user is not having issues only.   I have only ever noticed this on from our seeder (auto bot) when its been rebooted.


Acually it starts after seeding that torrent for some time, i dont know how much exactly..

And i've seen that users that use seeboxses, like the one in the picture that is leeching
they increment the number of times that they appear in the snach as the time passes by..
If i let it there for like 1 day.. it might show up that i have 1k leechers.. when there really are
between like 100 on that torrent..

Also, when i do cleanup, it all comes to normal, then it starts over again .. incremeting they're


Does this happen when you stop/start the torrents or automatically when you leave it seeding on a torrent?


Hi guys i have some problems with the snaches on my tracker..

Things like this happens..:

it seems to affect only users that use rutorrent, because i have the same problem on seedbox..
im also afraid that there are some problems in the snaches on userprofiles to...

Can someone help?