Update to mysqli, one problem

Started by denede, December 01, 2014, 06:25:18 AM

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Hy there,
One quick question. I've just updated the code from a 09 version to mysqli from mysql and everything runs nice and dandy except downloading old or new torrents.
Everytime, with any client i use, i get invalid torrent file.
I assume its from benc file, but i never touched it.
Any suggestions on what should i do? No errors popping up when uploading torrent.
I would go to change the benc code with the one from V4 but what files i need to modify ? takeupload, download and benc ?

decided to use the class.bencdec from V4. Changed takeupload.php and download.php. Torrent uploads fine on the site, but at download still invalid torrent file in utorrent and rtorrent.
Piece size is set on auto when .torrent is made.

p.s i dont really think is from the mysqli update, but from PHP upgrade on server.