U-232 Failed Login System

Started by wizkid08, January 15, 2015, 11:29:25 AM

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variable $_232 is my custom addition rather then use the original variables I have been giving my copy some minor to major upgrades. I may not use memcache yet but I am building my first custom Beta 5 v3 in the future already as I build my current one to u-232 v3 standards as I love its potential in development wise. I will learn memcache just so I can add it into my builds for the future but have it commented  out but thats my way to learn any programing languages anyway. I don't intend to sell my source as I only believe in M.I.T License, I do however do offer my service to help anyone in the community for $15 setup sources and work for a few days & remember each 2nd $5 made in profit will go back into this premium support forum.

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# Credits: TBDEV09
# Credits: Thanks Original Developer

    # U-232 Failed Login System

function attempts_left () {

global $_232;
$total = 0;
$ip = sqlesc(getip());
$fail = mysqli_query("SELECT SUM(attempts) FROM failedlogins WHERE ip=$ip") or sqlerr(__FILE__, __LINE__);
list($total) = mysqli_fetch_row($fail);
$left = $_232['failedlogins'] - $total;
if ($left <= 2)
$left = "<font color='red' size='4'>" . $_232['left'] . "</font>";
$left = "<font color='green' size='4'>" . $_232['left'] . "</font>";
return $left;

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