What does 'red colored in utorrent

Started by Spidey, March 15, 2015, 02:35:12 AM

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you are not saying what version you if u232 running :(
So hard to guess even lol..
anyhoe check root site folder logs/ann_sql_err_Mar_Sat_2015.log
or in the case of v4 sqlerr_logs/ann_sql_err_Mar_Sat_2015.log
could even be ann_sql_err_Mar_Sun_2015.log  in either folder depending on your server time zone..
also check your apache error log.
If wanting support help please put bare min info like
U-232 Version:
Php Version:
Tracker type: like xbt or php
Saves on asking more questions just so people can help someone.


What is the whole message under the "status" in the tracker tab there?
Unless stated otherwise code is untested


hi i opened a new tracker


iam using hostinger.ae webhosting the tracker  is running good

but i have problem in utorrent torrent colored red in utorrent after uploading

this is screen shoot to ex plane what i am talking about


is that problem from the hosting or problem form what pleas help