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Started by Luca, June 19, 2011, 09:16:13 PM

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hi guys,,

I followed the instructions, the database is installed
I try to login and I say ..
Login failed!
Username or password incorrect
I checked many times, but pasword is corect,

I created another admin as said in instructions
I edited in Memcache and APC ..(user and pasw)
can someone help me?

$TBDEV['allowed_staff']['id'] = array(1);  //== Add all staff ids before promotion
//== Add ALL staff names before promote them or before add this code. (case insensitive)
$TBDEV['staff']['allowed'] = array( 'admin'       => 1,
                                    'Mark'    => 1);
//Do not modify -- versioning system
//This will help identify code for support issues at Btbdev.net
define ('TBVERSION','09_Installer');

ok. I resolved,