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Started by Luca, June 25, 2011, 02:29:46 AM

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Thank you .Mindless,

'I solved the problem, I forgot, to allocate and corresponding id(2,3,4,),in backup.php


Then try clearing your cookies - Your not the first person to come along and install the source, it works perfect as intended and im no repeating it for the hundredth time either.


Thank you Mindless, for help,
I did exactly, but Backup Db and Coders Log, I say,
Access Denied!,,

the others are ok..

$INSTALLER09['staff_viewcode_on'] = false;
//==Class check by pdq
$INSTALLER09['site']['owner'] = 1;
//== Salt - change this
$INSTALLER09['site']['salt2'] = 'jgutyshjsajk';
//= Change staff pin daily or weekly
$INSTALLER09['staff']['staff_pin'] = 'uFg40y3Iufqo99'; // should be mix of u/l case and min 12 chars length
//== Staff forum ID for autopost
$INSTALLER09['staff']['forumid'] = 2; // this forum ID should exist and be a staff forum
//==Important security settings below
//==Add all your Staff ids
$INSTALLER09['allowed_staff']['id'] = array(1,2,3,4,50);
//== Add ALL staff names before promote them
$INSTALLER09['staff']['allowed'] = array( 'Mark'  => 1,
                                          'Admin'    => 1,
                                          'test'  => 1,   
                                          'System'   => 1
define ('TBVERSION','Installer09');


Its simple - Your username and take the staff pin from config.php at the bottom like mentioned.


thanx for reply,cm27!
I tried but I failed
just ask my username and password..
or maybe I did something right,


It because those have password on them .look in your config file at the bottom lol:P
Never fall to those that just sit there.. Always look for the way to the top even if you have to code it your self and mistakes and all... quote from BonZO...


hi guys,

in the sysop panel, they fail to make them work, ---->Backup Db,Coders Log,Manual Cleanup,Pm Overview,
where and what should change,?

hoping someone will help me,
thank you,