Help Please!

Started by MF435, March 02, 2016, 05:54:08 AM

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Thank you I will update to u-232 :)


Hello MF435

It would be better if you post the code/css as it would be a lot easier to see if there are errors.

PS. tbdev code is really way out of date. If you want to start on anything start on u-232 v1 which is the updated and more secure version of tbdev. The whole of u-232 has been developed from tbdev by one of the original coders (Mindless and co)


Hello guys,
I am working on a small project using TBDev09 I just have a few problems maybe you could help me out with? I will try my best to learn from my mistakes so here we go.

I am developing a pure css drop down menu and once I added this line of code:

".(isset($CURUSER) && $CURUSER['class'] >= UC_MODERATOR ? "<li><a href='admin.php'>{$lang['gl_admin']}</a></li>":"")."

my index and a few other pages become outta place were as some stayed in place here is a few screenshots

I hope someone can help me out, thanks.