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Started by Fire-Fox, June 29, 2011, 07:57:06 PM

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Have you looked at the code ?


Yes, most of the times....

but not this time  :)


:P funny thing about php4 php5 its most of the time php4 will run on php5 but not backward :P


Thanks :)

in the end its only ircreg.php thats not working, as it's a php4 script. and i need it to been php5 :)


This can be simplified - Its rely on mysqltcl looks like and would probably be done using php, i'll look at this later on.


I' ll again!

I start with the tcl files:

1. irc+random number gen.tcl

The above code when you type !regnick on irc, it makes a random md5 password, you will need on ircreg.php

2. ircreg.php

3. mysql (nick table)

The problem with the code above is that i can't get it to work. in fact it just need to update the nick table with $CURUSER['id']; via ircreg.php

The above code is for the users to register there nick via /ircreg.php through the site, so they can use !me (former !user command) it will then display download/upload stats. And give a join message with there class...

Hope this helps to understand...


im still lost even after translating half the file i couldn't figure out what this is used , so again if you want help try to explain with more words what this should do


i can have a whole code, the site breaks it?

So here is the pastebin again




How about posting all code Fire-Fox so we cant test it properly, its no use at all without it, when we have all the code we can then sort it out properly and improve it.


The script should update the nick table with curuser['id'] so users can use !me (the eggdrop script is working), it only the provided script thats not working...

irc.php (the included script in pastbin) there is the users needs to input a reg code


well if you could give maybe a lil description we would help you i have no idea what should that be :P


Hey again !

I have some trouble getting this code to work (rewrite it)

I hope there is someone who can help...

cant have the whole code inside code tags so here is a pastebin link

EDIT: Updatet langauge :)