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Started by Bjw, July 05, 2011, 10:57:49 PM

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ok now I understand .I will check cleanup to see if its a timed deal to actually remove the deleted posts.If not I will write it in as I don't want them in the sql forever :)


Ther eis 2 way I found to delete files one where it shows as deleted but not visible to all member only sysops The other way is perm.. if you look in the forums u will see 2 delete section ..

u will see this if your have the multi form layer  >>> Send to Recycle Bin
Remove from Recycle Bin

second you should see >>>>>Delete
this is in the staff tool section bud :) any question u know where to find me ;)
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I am sure I have a stupid question here?

I am working on the v2 release and I see when I delete a post I still see it with a big trash can in the post.Also I see its labeled deleted in the sql table.My question is am I the only one seeing this and is there a way to permanently delete the post from the site short of me dropping it from the table manually.

I am sure I just don't understand how its working;)