U-232 Users

Started by Mindless, November 06, 2016, 07:15:44 PM

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Just a heads up, I've converted it over to use MySQLI and also secured every single file. It may have few things bugged since that was a massive change. It's running on my test server on PHP7 also. I would advise you update your base files, if you have heavy custom work done then use meld and commit the changes I've done to your files. V1 and V2 will now follow and that will be the last updates to those early versions for a good while, the download here and GitHub and also Bravolist download have been updated =]


Best friends (NGINX/PHP/MARIADB)  8)


i use U-232 non memcache source


How many off you are running this version ? Can you please post here if you are ?