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Started by Bjw, July 27, 2011, 09:51:58 PM

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thanks mindless.I found my problem in the forum which I caused I am drastically changing the css and messed up the forum head moving the drop down menu.I screwed up the staff tools in the forum but now have that all straight.I have downloaded the newest u232V2 here just today and replaced the files etc .I still have the sign up error but I could have screwed up the update lol.I will keep plugging away at it and see.I will not disable it and am sure I will get it figured out once I pin it down.

ok found the problem.It was not doing the password strength because of a saved password saved in firefox.I deleted the saved password and entered it and all is good.

Thanks for all the feedback

Thanks I love the feel of the new code and your work is appreciated


Not wise, you just removed Xss protection so just so ye know someone like me can come along and do some some damage -= i dont add these things for fun by the way, Your not using current SVN up to date code because that certainly does not happen on my site and trust me i know every inch of the code and what is and what isint, if you use code from eon's ago you miss crucial fixes.


Thanks I will look closer rofl just found some more problems in the forum I am dealing with.I appreciate your help:)


Its the page verify ...had that problem on that and couple other pages.
I actually  ??? removed it from the invite_signup and upload pages. The others arent as bothersome. Remember if you do remove them , you need to do the take files also.

I've found page verify isnt extremely happy with  pasted material. Most of the time if you manually enter the data it usually goes thru.


Whenever I try to signup as another user keep getting error  Please resubmit the form. Click HERE

Been looking around and have not seen any other posts on it.I have checked to make sure all things are filled out.