How to increase the clean up intervals over all

Started by greentide, August 03, 2011, 10:07:41 AM

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Code (php) Select
$INSTALLER09['autoclean_interval'] = 900;
$INSTALLER09['autoslowclean_interval'] = 28800;
$INSTALLER09['autoslowclean_interval2'] = 57600;
$INSTALLER09['lotteryclean_interval'] = 259200;
$INSTALLER09['autobackup_interval'] = 86400;
$INSTALLER09['optimizedb_interval'] = 172800;

Remember dont go altering stuff you dont understand, be careful adjusting those values. The timing is in seconds so


Do the math  :P



I need to find out how to edit the clean-up intervals in config.php and what i will need to adjust and what is it measured in, how to i increase the time for the torrent clean up.