Updating two Msql Db's

Started by greentide, August 02, 2011, 02:25:55 AM

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Hi thanks for your response..

I'm running my site from a LAMP home server (Ubuntu) so say that im a little worried about it crashing  :)

I wonder if you might know how to backup mysql remotely. i have some understanding using cronjobs but have not found a script that will do the following..

Backup ==> Tar then uploads it to a remote FTP site.

I hope someone can help :)



it could be done but the amount of work isn't worth it, also running same query on 2 different servers will seriously increase you load/processing time
probably would be best to create a crontab rule that will run every day and export your database to a file sync that file with your localhost the on localhost do a cronjob to import the file

but anyway whats the reason you want to do this ?



I need some help :) I want to edit the Msql connect in config.php and announce.php to be able to upbate two seperate db's at the same time.One is on localhost and the other on a remote box!.Could someone show me how to do it.

Thanks  :)